Home is mainly about the people. In [rezidentz], we prioritize the community and strive to make everyone feel home away from home. Today, we also want to give you a chance to get to know our [rezidentz]better. Below, you can find a short life story of Debinta or Debi, one of our first tenant of Sainte Catherine apartments.

DEBI 23, France, Digital Marketer

Debinta arrived to Brussels in the spring 2022, after successfully finishing her masters degree in Digital Marketing in Paris. However, a great job opportunity was not the only thing attracting her to the heart of Europe. While studying in Paris, Debinta met her future boyfriend who happened to be from Belgium. Huge need to escape Paris hub and follow her heart, she arrived to [rezidentz] in March 2022.

When I asked her why she chose [rezidentz], Debinta replied “When visiting for the first time, it felt like home, away from home right away. Especially, I’ve fallen in love with the terrace outside my apartment. Every morning now, I wake up, do my make up, pick my outfit, and just enjoy a cup of a freshly brewed coffee outside. It’s also a great place to telework when the sun is out.”

Despite her busy schedule, Debinta enjoys going out and meeting new people. She truly adores getting to know their personalities, listening to their life stories and there is no better way to do it rather than having a good glass of wine and delicious food accompanying it.

Luckily, [rezidentz] is located in the heart of Brussels, at Sainte Catherine square which is well known for its wide variety of restaurants and bars. One of Debinta’s favorites is a cozy place called Le Roi des Belges, located only a stone throw away from her apartment.

Besides people, Debinta, can not picture her life without music and specifically she can’t live without Amy Winehouse. Even though Debinta enjoys going out, she can’t stand the smallest noise when she is trying to fall asleep. And that’s another reason she chose her apartment. Because even though it’s located in the heart of Brussels, it’s nicely hidden in one of the side streets right next to the park. Perfectly suitable for a morning walk or a simple enjoyment of listening to birds chirping from your apartment with a cup of hot coffee or tea in your hands.

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By Martina, member of [rezidentz]