It’s More Than Pizzas; It’s About Creating [rezidentz] Connections!

[rezidentz] Connecting Brussels expats beyond our apartment walls

Last week, we organized a friendly get-together with our tenants at La Bottega de la Pizza, a charming pizzeria in Sablon run by Italians. The place was adorned with numerous stickers, which were also found on the restaurant’s walls. We had reserved tables for around twenty members who came to chat and share a good time.

All our current tenants reside in [rezidentz] studios or apartments in Brussels, spread across several neighborhoods in the city. Each lives in their own space, having their own home and privacy. Some were used to living in shared spaces, but at [rezidentz], a new chapter opens for them, choosing to have their own life and privacy.

The majority of our members come from abroad, forming a beautiful diversity of countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Ukraine, France, Japan, Argentina, Croatia and many others. They have chosen flexibility, adapting their accommodation to the duration of their work contract in Brussels, which can sometimes be extended.

Despite their diverse origins, these members share a common facet: they are flexible, ready to return to their home country, stay in Brussels, or move to another country. Some stay for six months and continue their work in another country the following semester, while others await a response from the European Commission to extend their contract or traineeship because they enjoy it here.

Most are between 25 and 35 years old, speak multiple languages, and are open-minded. The language barrier is not an issue, as some take language courses, while others find that everyone speaks English in Brussels, making communication easy.

Arriving alone in Brussels and selecting a private studio is like crafting your own comfort haven, where you have the freedom to cocoon yourself. However, these moments at [rezidentz] become the catalyst for breaking out of that cozy shell. It add a positive dimension for those seeking both privacy and the opportunity to meet others with a similar lifestyle.

We have organized various activities, including sports sessions, cultural events, and workshops. However, this time, the event was simply about sharing a meal, having a drink, and chatting.

[rezidentz] tenants enjoying a meal and conversation at La Bottega de la Pizza. Community bonding and vibrant moments in Brussels

Sharing moments and creating memories at La Bottega de la Pizza! Our [rezidentz] tenants enjoying good company, delicious food, and vibrant conversations in the heart of Brussels.

Some came alone and left with new friends they met at the restaurant. These outings break the ice, create contacts in an accessible way, and at the right time. These events are not limited to a single [rezidentz] residence; on the contrary, we bring together multiples residences to encourage inter-neighborhood meetings, share cool addresses in Brussels, etc.

Loneliness in a city can sometimes be challenging, especially for those who work from home.

Indeed all our studios are equipped with a dedicated workspace, even in the smallest spaces. So when you receive an invitation to join our pizza party, it’s an opportunity to go out, have fun, discover, connect, and laugh. We always make sure there’s a good bottle of wine, selected by our associate Elie, who loves wine, and of course, not forgetting the Belgian beers. This time, it was Italian beers that brought a little light to a not-so-sunny day, and a good Peroni always feels good, even for a Belgian!

With this feast of pizzas of all kinds – chorizo, vegetarian, buffalo – it was truly a successful celebration! We observed phone number exchanges at the end of the evening, members returning together to their respective buildings, and some even continued the evening in the charming Sablon and Marolles neighborhoods.

In conclusion, we are confident that these moments not only offer our members enjoyable experiences but also serve as a source of guidance and assistance when needed. By participating in our events, members can actively avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. Socializing through these gatherings creates a sense of belonging and significantly improves the overall quality of life.

Moreover, interacting with people from different backgrounds exposes you to diverse perspectives and ideas. This intellectual stimulation not only broadens your understanding of the world but does so even in our small country, Belgium! At [rezidentz], we believe that fostering connections and building a vibrant community not only enriches individual lives but also contributes to a more interconnected and harmonious society.

We look forward to more shared moments, diverse connections, and enriching experiences in the [rezidentz] community.

Until the next event,