Award-winning design meets seamless technology, crafting fully furnished studio apartments in and around Brussels city center that redefine temporary living.

Your Cozy Home Away from Home: Equipped Apartment Studios for Rent in Brussels

Not long after the launch of our fully furnished studio apartments in and around Brussels city center, we were honored to receive the prestigious Brussels Design Award. While design played a significant role, it was the combination of practicality and warmth that set our studio apartments apart. With several buildings in Brussels and its surroundings offering these furnished spaces, we’ve become the preferred choice for professionals, trainees, and master’s students seeking an all-inclusive comfortable apartment for their temporary stay in Brussels.

So, why did our fully furnished studio apartments in Brussels win this prestigious award?

Zazi Maquet, our brilliant architect, beautifully encapsulates the recipe for our success in this video:

zazie maquet architect

“The key idea behind our furnished studio apartments in Brussels was to create spaces that were not just stylish but also inviting and personalized. We aimed to make people feel like they were at home from the moment they entered. Crucially, we wanted to transform these compact apartments into open and inviting spaces, distinguishing them from the impersonal ambiance of hotel rooms. We began by approaching the design process as if we were decorating our own homes, ensuring every detail was meticulously thought out.

One of our primary goals was to cater to the needs of our target audience, which includes young and not-so-young professionals settling in Brussels. We aimed to offer a space that was enjoyable, a place where we would want to live ourselves. Every piece of furniture and decor was chosen with love and care, reflecting a particular lifestyle and style.

In terms of design, our fully furnished studios in Brussels feature a Japandi style with a dash of color, carefully chosen materials, ample natural light, and high-end sofas to ensure maximum comfort. These thoughtful design elements bring smiles to the faces of those who come to Brussels, often not knowing many people and sometimes feeling alone” explains Zazi.

Now, let’s explore what our Brussels furnished apartment studios for rent offer:

Comprehensive Furnishings: Our apartment studios come with everything you need for a hassle-free stay, from furniture to kitchen appliances, washing and ironing machines, and even a smart TV. You can literally arrive with just your suitcase; we take care of the rest, down to the smallest details like coffee spoons:) Even when it comes to cleaning, a cleaning service for your studio or apartment is included in your rent.

Working Space: We understand the needs of modern professionals, which is why a powerful Wi-Fi connection and a dedicated working desk are must-haves in our equipped studios. Many of our tenants work from home a few days a week, so we’ve created a mini coworking space within your own apartment. The kettle for a cup of tea and a Nespresso machine are within easy reach for those much-needed breaks.

Security and Peace of Mind: Ensuring our tenants’ safety is a top priority. We provide a digital key system for building and apartment access, with the added convenience of smartphone-based entry. Should you have guests, you can even grant them access remotely. Our buildings and each floor are equipped with a comprehensive surveillance system featuring multiple cameras to ensure around-the-clock security.

Fully-Equipped Kitchens: All our kitchens are equipped with the latest appliances, ensuring you have everything you need for culinary adventures. From ovens and microwaves to dishwashers, toasters, coffee machines, kettles, and a full range of cookware, we’ve got it all. The list goes on and on.

Domiciliation: Each tenant has a private space with the option for domiciliation, complete with their mailbox, doorbell, and intercom, both inside and outside the building. We’ve tailored our accommodations to cater to all your needs.

These aspects all revolve around the needs of temporary residents. It’s not just about design but also the entire process, from virtual tours to digital booking, keyless entry, easy inventory management, security measures for your peace of mind, and fostering a sense of community by connecting with neighbors at monthly meetings.

Even our coziest studio apartments for rent come fully furnished with digital amenities:

Our commitment to providing a home away from home goes beyond the physical space. We’ve embraced technology to offer a range of digital amenities that enhance your living experience.

Digital Rental Contracts and Inventories: We’ve replaced traditional paper contracts and inventory checklists with digital versions. When you choose one of our fully furnished apartment studios to rent, you’ll receive a digital rental contract that you can review and sign from your device, saving time and paper. Our digital inventory system ensures that everything is in place, eliminating the need for manual checks.

Your Digital Concierge: Our digital concierge is your one-stop source for information. Whether you need details about Wi-Fi, garbage disposal procedures, or maintenance notifications, our digital concierge has you covered. You can access this valuable resource from your device, providing quick answers to your questions. It also keeps you informed about our monthly events, fostering a sense of community among residents.

Maintenance Made Easy: If you encounter any maintenance issues during your rental stay in Brussels, our digital maintenance notification system makes it easy to submit requests for repairs or assistance. Your concerns are addressed promptly, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Stay Connected: In today’s digital age, staying connected is essential. That’s why we offer high-speed and stable Wi-Fi in all our fully furnished apartment studios. We understand that many of our residents work from home, and our powerful internet connection ensures that you can work, stream, or connect with friends and family without interruption.

When you choose Rezidentz, you’re not just getting a fully furnished apartment for rent in Brussels; you’re getting a home designed with love and practicality in mind. We’ve created a space where you can make yourself at home in Brussels, even if you’re just here for a few months.

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