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Our story, our values.

The Story Behind [rezidentz]

Created by two like-minded millennials sharing passions for hosting & experience.

The idea behind [rezidentz] was born by experiencing how stressing, expensive, complex and frustrating finding a private and qualitative studio apartment can be.

Bureaucracy, inflexible terms, dispersed information, high set up costs, fraudulent landlords and long procedures are just a few examples of hazards you might encounter.

Seeing the need for a fresh take on the way young professionals live, work and engage, [rezidentz] was formed.

Now, through hassle free sign-up, standardised design and a community of like-minded people, we manage 27 studios apartments in Brussels and we promise to offer a great housing experience to an ever increasing number of people across the globe.

[rezidentz] offers top-of-the-line full service studios apartments solutions for any working millennial.

Each apartment comes fully-furnished, offering our members maximum convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

[Our Values]

Respect is everything.

As a family business, we believe embracing respect at [rezidentz] is our top priority.
Respect in your relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and well-being. What’s more important in life?
We do our best to provide a friendly, caring and responsive property management to our members.


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