Short-term apartments are extremely rare in Brussels, hence the raison d’être of our living concept.

A look at our furnished short term rentals in Brussels

How long is short stay apartment ?
A short-term lease is a rental contract that generally lasts less than six months, where a typical apartment lease in Brussels will usually be a year. We went a step further by offering a 3 months lease in our newly renovated studios located in the Center of Brussels and in Etterbeek.

Rent for 3 months or more
At rezidentz, most of our tenants stay between 3 to 8 months. If you are an expat and and you wish to settle in Brussels or establish your residence, you can do so with [rezidentz]. Even for a short stay you can register/domicilate. If you live abroad or are unable to attend, there is an opportunity to make a virtual visit. Click here to have a look inside a studio.

At [rezidentz], a rep will help get you situated when you arrive. Once your term is up, you have the option to extend your stay or move on to another unit in the [rezidentz] network. Xavier (32), member at [rezidentz].

What should be included in a short-term rental ?
The essentials for a short term accommodation usually include:
Furnitures & equipments
Working desk for remote workers
Weekly cleaning service
High speed internet
Smart TV

To facilitate the tenant’s experience, the rental fee at [rezidentz] does ALSO include :
All of the main utility bills like electricity, gas, hot/cold water, insurance and taxes
A monthly event to connect with other members. Read more about our events.

I also like to cook—especially if I’m staying somewhere for more than a few weeks so the stovetop, microwave, and basic cookware in my [rezidentz] studio were much appreciated. Alicia (28), member at [rezidentz]

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Good luck and welcome to Belgium !