We are proud to see our living concept featured in the commerce design awards 2022 ! [rezidentz] is part of the 10 most beautiful commerce designs in Brussels !

The ten most beautiful commerces in Brussels have just been revealed !

Brussels is full of beautiful and good addresses. But which are the most beautiful restaurants, hotels, bakeries and stores in the capital? A jury has made its decision.

This is it! The Commerce Design Awards have just been unveiled and we are proud to be part of it! For almost ten years, the prize has been awarded to the most beautiful collaborations between retailers and designers for the realization of commercial places in Brussels. And the most beautiful addresses of the year 2022 are finally known. Between bakeries, bars, restaurants, and even French fry shops, there is something for every taste and look.

The Commerce Design Awards were first launched in 1995 in Canada, in Montreal to be precise. The goal? To reveal the benefits of quality design by professionals, both in terms of layout and space.

How does it work? Following a pre-selection on file that takes place in June, a jury composed of interior design journalists, designers, artists or photographers and influencers has the opportunity to discover about twenty places registered. The jury then chooses 10 establishments from among the competitors and the jury’s prizes are awarded at the Commerce Design Awards evening held in September. The winners become examples of good practices to follow. It’s also the time to discover the most beautiful creations of architects in the making or confirmed who animate the Brussels pavement. But who are the big winners?

The top 10 :

  1. La fromagerie Soeurs
  2. La Taverne du Passage
  3. Le concept de smart living Rezidentz
  4. La friterie Tabora
  5. Le bar L’altitude
  6. Le comptoir italien Grammes
  7. La boulangerie Khobz
  8. Le pop-up Kokotte
  9. Janine Boulangerie-Brasserie
  10. Rambo II


Commerce Design Awards Jury ©Raphaël Martens

Commerce Design Awards Jury ©Raphaël Martens

We are also grateful for the contributions of Belgian architect Zazie Maquet. She seduced us with a Japandi concept: a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese style. The atmosphere is refined, the space functional and the spirit sustainable, each time with a touch of colour. Every detail has been studied and redesigned: equipment in the kitchen and the bathroom, custom-made furniture and decorative elements so that you will feel at home from day 1 of the rental. At [rezidentz], our members will experience the comfort of a home with the modern atmosphere of a boutique hotel.

Rezidentz Architect Zazie

Rezidentz Architect Zazie Maquet

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