Will “smartliving” dethrone coliving?

A new generation of housing is gaining popularity among young people.

The Rezidentz community is growing
Conceived by a duo of cousins, Dan and Elie Appelstein, whose family are involved in the textile industry (the ready-to-wear brand LolaLiza) and in real estate (via Alphastone Investments, invested among others in Cohabs), Rezidentz has set itself apart from coliving to become “smartliving”. “When they are in their thirties, have a stable job, possibly with a partner, young professionals no longer want to share their living space,” analyzes Dan Appelstein, who indicates the results of a study conducted among coliving players.

“The average stay in a coliving space lasts 10 months, then 30% of the colivers turn away to rent a studio or apartment, alone or as a couple.” And that’s where Rezidentz takes over.

“Our concept is based on the best locations and a great product: modern fully furnished studio apartments, within a building with a boutique-hotel effect, with services and partnerships with local businesses.” Dan, co-founder of Rezidentz.

But, unlike its peers, and most certainly the coliving that inspired it, Rezidentz does not offer common spaces within the buildings housing its studios. At least not yet. Dan Appelstein doesn’t rule out any evolution as opportunities arise for the two entrepreneurs, but insists that they won’t be shared living spaces. “Why not a coworking space or a coffee lounge?”

He and his cousin, however, want to create links between the tenants by bringing them together outside their buildings: in a gym, a ceramics workshop or in a trendy cafe. All this while ensuring maximum flexibility to their young residents through short leases (from three months) and a fully digitalized customer experience.

A “life experience”
Deployed in Brussels, the network has already 6 buildings :
Rezidentz Sainte-Catherine, Rezidentz La Chasse, Rezidentz Chasseurs Ardennais (opening in November 2022), Rezidentz Sablon (opening in December 2022), Rezidentz Souveraine (opening in May 2023) Rezidentz Poelaert (opening in December 2023).

“A seventh building is in the process of being signed”, warns Elie Appelstein, specifying that Rezidentz wants to keep its dual role as owner and operator.

“We want to keep control over our property and our concept and we oversee everything from sourcing, acquisition, renovation and operation”. Elie, co-founder of Rezidentz.

This, in order to guarantee their tenants a “housing experience” and much more, a “life experience”.

Published by Frédérique Masquelier, journalist and coordinator of La Libre
Immo. Translated by Jef Keulemans.